The Funky Loft
Bed & Breakfast




    All kinds of creative types have been filing into Bushwick and a considerable amount of trendiness is trickling in from its ultra-hip neighbor to the west, Williamsburg. New dive bars, bodegas, cafes and gallery spaces continue to flourish, fueled by the intrepid movers and shakers that are pouring into Bushwick’s converted loft spaces. Although Bushwick is busy reinventing itself, a somewhat grungy heart still beats beneath its remodeled exterior.

    On a quiet street in a residential neighborhood, The Funky Loft is tucked behind a building unknown to anyone walking by.  Only a 5 minute walk to the nearest Subway station and a 20 minute train ride into Manhattan.  If you're looking to see a different side of NYC and still have access to all the popular sites, Bushwick is the place to be.  And The Funky Loft is your perfect accommodation.