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Spend some one on one time with me and I'll teach you all I know!


While we can discuss your particular needs during a free email consultation, here are a few of the services I offer:


One-On-One Training Sessions

60-minute video calls designed to benefit your specific needs. We can talk about whatever you'd like.  Whatever you're curious about or need help with, we'll cover.

During this session, you'll receive:

  • a detailed critique of your current Airbnb listing, Instagram account or website/blog (what's good, what's bad, what you should delete, etc.)

  • where to start

  • access to my personal experiences I do not share on social media

  • how to make your listing stand out

  • how to become a superhost

  • how to make a successful instagram account

  • how to set financial goals for your business

  • content and post ideas for instagram

  • facilitating photo shoots in your space

  • design & shopping tips

  • help figuring out your next steps in your business

  • a 7-day period following your session to email me any questions you forgot to ask

Click below for a Free Email Consultation or to ask any questions!


Individual Hours:  

  • First Session - $125

  • Every hour after - $110

This service is bought individually and must be scheduled within 1 month of booking.  Rates are subject to change.


  • 4 Sessions: $425

  • 8 Sessions: $800

Sessions must be scheduled within 2 months and 4 months, respectively.  Rates are subject to change.

In person:

If you are located/visiting in or near New York and prefer to have your session in person at The Funky Loft, you can book 75 minutes for $200.  Bring your laptop and you and I can go over everything side by side and see how I run my business in person.  This is the best deal if you would like me to physically go into your account/website and show you what changes to make, which can also be faster. As well as you will see how The Funky Loft runs in person!