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How I Made My Home into My Business/How I live in my dream home for free

For my first ever blog post I thought it would be fitting to start at the beginning.  And the beginning was on the 3rd floor of an old garment factory warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles  and the loft that started it all.  Mother blog posts might be very different from this one, but I feel it's important fo you to know my story to know how I got where I am.

You should know that I never planned on any of this.  Having my own business, an instagram account for my home, having hundreds of people come and have photo shoots in my living room while I'm upstairs watching Netflix.  The main goal, the purpose of all of this was a way for me to pay my rent.

At the time I was 24 and and an actor who was babysitting on the side to have some sort of steady income.  I was moving out of my ex-boyfriends and couldn't really afford to get my own place so was planning on moving back in with my mom for a bit.  But who doesn't love browsing craigslist for all of the amazing homes that are way out of your price range and living in dream land?  It had always been my dream to live in a loft so that's usually what I would browse.  I found this one listing which only had 1 photo and all it said was "Amazing loft, you just have to see it in person".  Well I saw it, I fell in love, I couldn't walk away.  I had no idea how I was going to pay the $2,000 rent but I had this strong gut feeling that I was meant to be in this space and that the money would work out.


I moved in to a 1,700 Sq.ft. loft with 20' ceilings, 3 bedrooms, original brick walls, large factory windows and original dark hardwood floors.  I found a roomate and the extra bedroom we put on Airbnb.  The roomate didn't work out but the airbnb did, and much more.  I began renting out the two downstairs rooms which were below my balcony room as well as the daybed I had in the living room.  The daybed was $30/night, not private and no room and it was booked every night.   People just wanted somewhere cheap to sleep in a cool place and they were always backpackers from around the world.   

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Marcella Lentz-Pope